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My First Week back at school :D

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 30, 2013, 3:30 PM
Greetings friends! ^^ Man it was such a crazy week :iconlazepoolplz: 
Well, before the first day (Monday) of school, the night before I was walking in the kitchen and the lights weren't on. But when I was going to walk back to my room, I accidentally slammed my foot into the bottom of the iron board that was laid in the hallway. At first I thought it was just a bump, because it didn't hurt that much. But after I sat down and looked at the floor, my foot was bleeding =O and when I looked at my foot, it wasn't just a cut, but it was a whole scrape!!! Nice start off to the school year, along with the five other classes that I had to attend the next day. 

On the Monday I had five classes, but they ranged from 9 am to literally 9:15 pm in the evening. And even though I commuted, my mom wasn't able to drive me home to rest between classes because money was tight and my mom couldn't buy gas to go home, so I had to stay at the school. Walking around campus was tiring and it was hard to walk with my injured foot and the band aid was falling off all the time :X By the time I got home was 10:30 pm (because the last class ended around 9:15 and we lived an hour away) and I was extremely exhausted and sore. 

On Tuesday morning, I was tired and in pain. It was most especially hard to walk since I was weak. It was raining I think that day too. It was a bad idea to wear sandals, since the band aid would fall off easy in the water and make my injury sting really bad (Its hard to shower too because of that). =( Since I had one class, I was able to wing it that day, but I practically slept the rest of the day because I was so tired. ^^; 

By Wednesday on, my exhaustion was going away but the pain was still there. I had my mom to massage my back for me but I think it only made it worse. That day also, I was really excited for my 3D maya course! =D Of course I've only been able to learn the basics in blender, I'm really looking forward to finally having a teacher in 3D imaging. ^^ What we did that day is that we learned basics and navigation by learning how to build a "primitive" man out of primitive shapes (spheres, cubes, etc.) We have an assignment to create a temple as well by next Wednesday. I am going to love this class. I am probably am going to take this class again for an independent study, but I am thinking about it...:iconchuplz: 

On Thursday, well I was nearly late for my class yesterday because my mom had to put the gas in the tank, and my prof takes attendance seriously in that class >:( 

Today was ok, but TGIF man that was crazy XD The pain is entirely gone now, and I'm a lot less tired now. My foot injury is still a bit annoying but its much better ^^ I hope this semester goes well and I'm trying to move on campus now. Any people in the comments tell me your week too! I love to communicate with people! :icongrin--plz: 

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